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Supported Living Program

This program began in 2009 when Washington D.C. sought assistance to return an individual who had been placed in other states due to severe behavior and mental health disorders and other Supported Living programs had refused admission. Since that time, IAG’s Supported Living Program has grown to provide 24 Hour In-Home supports to more than 20 sites, primarily apartments in Washington, D.C. area. Many of the people supported in IAG’s Supported Living Locations have an Intellectual Disability, but most all also have a secondary disability such as autism, a mental health or an emotional-behavioral diagnosis, which has limited other Supported Living provider’s willingness and ability to provide services.

People in IAG’s Supported Living Program are provided supports based on their needs and are encouraged to participate within their communities. This means that many people rent their own homes, are responsible for the lease and are responsible all associated living expenses. IAG provides the supports for these people so they can live meaningfully within the community. This is achieved by through providing training for the acquisition of the rental property and assisting with:

  • the completion of daily tasks which includes but is not limited to selecting and maintaining clothes as well as dressing;

  • the design of food menus and encouragement of nutritious food preparation;

  • grocery and other types of shopping;

  • the creation of budgets, management of funds and maintenance of bank accounts;

  • maintenance and cleaning of the residence; and

  • the fostering of social interactions at home and within the community


Behavioral Services

Individual Advocacy Group provides behavioral services to all individuals living in the agency based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. IAG employs Board Certified Behavior Analysts who are responsible for creating and maintaining behavior programs tailored to each individual. Behavior Analysts serve as support for staff in the homes and day program environments and conduct agency wide staff trainings.


Behavior analysts at IAG also work 1 on 1 with individuals teaching new skills and reducing inappropriate behaviors to encourage all individuals to live a productive life integrated in the community.


Companion Services

The Companion Services provided by the Individual advocacy group is designed to stay on the cutting edge!! The Program Participant’s ideas wants and needs are at the core of programing.  Our remarkable ability to assess and support enhances the person’s ability to develop and discover hidden interests, talents and abilities.  Ultimately, the participant’s quality of life only improves. The participant is also sure to navigate their day to day in a manner that is self-directed.  These discoveries are the keys to people leading quality lives of leisure and or the acquisition of activities to include volunteering, entrepreneurial endeavors and or gainful employment opportunities.  


Individualized Day Support

Information coming soon....


Individual Advocacy Group

Serving people with disabilities in 21 counties in Illinois since 1995 and in Washington D.C. since 2009.

Email: info@iaginc.com

Phone: 630.759.0201 (Illinois)

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